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about meh

hi hey hello sup and etc etc...i'm a very cute gal that lives right by the beach. shapeshifter. gentle murderous sweetie pie. punk rock manic pixie dream girl (in my head). that one guy in the group chat that either barely talks or is the only one ever talking. creative free spirit. too insane to care. too normal not to care. master time-waster. straight bi lesbian gay guy. first man to marry an aibo. fashionista that only wears t-shirts. manipulation enthusiast. gangster since i was a baby. husband of o'shea jackson sr. aka "ice cube". baddest bitch you've never met. i know and love everything. im silly and i love to have fun. i spend a lot of time daydreaming, listening to music, researching, surfing the web + web archiving, collecting, drawing, playing games, watching stuff, taking pics, feeling nostaglic, and writing. i have great interest in literally anything that can be considered old, technology, and cute little knick knacks. im the biggest victim of thrift stores, antique malls, and ebay. other things too but thats the main stuff. i can get super excitable if u talk 2 me abt anything i enjoy. i like to talk about my strong opinions on controversal and taboo subjects but i also like to talk about male wrestlers and how they should be kissing, so i say pretty much anything. im into everything ever to exist. if you like something i probably like it aswell. my brain is constantly both full and empty. i live in my head. my morals have been thrown out the window and can be found at your closest mcdonalds. i'm everything and nothing in this universe at the same time; always and forever. remember that the world is beautiful. now do yourself a favor and google "cute cat photos"

I am a Teddiursa!